Keith Smith  Guitar/Location Recording

Calgary, Alberta

Releasing June 4/13 on Stony Plain Records

Drew Martin is hilarious, thoughtful, a fine musician and a joy to be around.

“Finest kind”, as they say down east.  (I worked almost 10 years just across

the Strait of Canso from where Drew grew up.)


We recorded the bed tracks complete with live vocals in a library where there was a little Yamaha spinet that was just out-of-tune enough to suit Drew’s

sense of humour and er, ‘life’. When the amazing Graham Scott sat down and

played, I got it. Together with the utterly unique Simon Fisk ,we captured the

bed tracks  and the happy spirit of this CD over two evenings in December.

Background vocals went on later, as did Drew’s drum kit tracks. The whole

project and my time spent with Drew was a great and memorable pleasure.





I began recording our gigs in 2008 (I think), with a pair of Octava MK-012’s,

a mic splitter for the vocals and a DI for the bass. The tracks of the Vancouver Island Music Festival were acquired by other means. Anyway, I just collected

tracks this way until we had some stuff  Amos thought was releasable (although

that statement belies the fact there were many hours spent mixing ; about  

2 hours of music after every gig I recorded).


Once Holger got behind it, things moved along pretty quickly and here we are.

Calgary CD release at the

Ironwood Stage & Grill on June 27/13

-best to reserve seating!


Never a dull moment around here. I’m always messing with something audio or photographic. Last summer I started playing with nature recording. It’s the ultimate source of frustration for those with low blood pressure or who need something to rant about. Jeez! This place is noisy! SE of Calgary seems the most promising, so far. Anywhere West of here gets you under the Calgary -Vancouver flight path and you’re doing well to get 10 minutes of an hour without some infernal racket going on.


In order to indulge this interest closer to home, I find myself thinking in terms of  recording small things that can be captured with contact mics or peizo crystals. How about Ants? Here’s a video of my first attempt, using Schaller Oyster guitar pickups (peizo) on an ant hill in Griffith Wood. I’d been thinking all winter of strapping a couple of these to a dead tree that was being dismantled by Carpenter ants. I tried it a week ago and it holds promise though, it was a pretty windy day and my tree was picking up a lot of that.  As I was looking for that tree a few days later, I happened upon this lovely anthill constructed entirely of spruce needles and hosting a huge number of Formica aserva, as best I can tell, not being an entomologist. ( little red guys with dark bums )  No, no, I mean the ants!


The stereo field sucks in this -there isn’t one - no coherence L to R as the bedding doesn’t  transmit the vibrations well enough. I’m going to spend some time on this with some contraptions I have in mind and will update here when I get inspired. Despite that, the folks who have seen the video have really enjoyed this little look into a society we might do well to respect a little more, and so... click on the pic...

Recorded August 2011

Deb Rasmussen, vocals and me on guitar. Deb and I have been doing duos, trios and quartets around Calgary for years, not to mention Mongolia & China. She’s also the main instigator behind the Northern Lights Quartet (see below) and the current president of Calgary’s Jazz YYC.


This was an opportunity to make a duo CD the way we wanted to. It presents several of Deb’s original tunes in the intimate setting we both enjoy.





Since my return from Mongolia with Northern Lights in late 2006, I’ve been building a catalogue of mountain panoramic photographs.

Click on the image to see some of the results. I hope you’ll enjoy what you find.


I`m in the process of closing down (or re-inventing) the

SampleSmith website.


The more popular free download items will remain available here since they are useful and helpful to those exploring computer music creation. The tutorial on Lennie Breau`s harmonics seems to have been popular, so it will be maintained here -perhaps even expanded if I get inspired.

Amos Garrett Jazz Trio: Jazzblues      Stony Plain 2013

Listen up, young blood. Sure you can slash and burn your way through a guitar solo and shred like there’s no tomorrow but when that tomorrow actually dawns and there’s no one left
standing to gape in wonder at your skill and finesse, you’re gonna need a coda. This is it here. This is a guitar player’s record. What it leads to is the sublime, the stuff, the juice,
the soul of great guitar music.

The dude’s been around forever and he knows a thing or two. For one, he knows that if the jazz don’t got no blues and the blues ain’t got no jazz there ain’t nothing memorable goin’
down at all. Here, he and his mates just kill it. Eight tracks culled from live settings strung across Canada with no over dubs that say virtuoso, gunslinger and tone architect often in the same bar.

Don’t believe me? Check out the Miles Davis opener, Freddy Freeloader, and then the two Thelonious Monk cuts before skipping ahead to Freddie Hubbard’s Little Sunflower and
ask yourself how the hell they pulled that shit off. Jazzblues. No drums. Just that sumptuous lead backed by rhythm guitar and bass. The tone is exotic, rich, full and expansive as hell,
all in a languid, soothing, lambent mix born of the rain, the stars and the those places where even the wind is lonely, that place where jazz is born and the blues achieves its holler.

Jazzblues. ‘Nuff said except to stay that this is how you get an audience to stay with you through decades; create memorable, inarguable art.

Classy, poignant and enduring. --Richard Wagamese on canada.com, June 20, 2013
“Amos Garrett. Now there's a name no self-respecting critic or omnivorous listener can encounter without a wistful smile, harking back to over 150 LPs with the gent's way cool fretwork
(that's his one-take slay-ya-where-ya-stand solo in Maria Muldaur's Midnight at the Oasis). Makes perfect sense he'd be on the Stony Plain label, as the cat's sensibilities come from a
nother era and have only deepened as each year has passed. I covered his mightily bitchin' trib to Percy Mayfield (here), and, though Garrett's most known for roots work, his jazz side is
blissful and blue, hence the CD's sobriquet.

Lotsa instrumental work here, LOTS, y'all (only two vocal cuts), and once you get into the swing of things, you'll be lining up old Booker T, Harvey Mandel, Chet Atkins, and Hawaiian
LPs for afters. Catch Garrett's do-up of Monk's Misterioso and just try telling me he couldn't make the slack key cats sweat. Every cut on the disc is live from one fest or another, and the
tempo is down-lo, moody but quietly effervescent, a bit sparked up here and there, as in the Erlandson medley and the vocal portions Hoagy's imperishable Skylark, but overall content
and laissez-faire lemme-do-my-thing.

Choosing a rhythm guitarist (Keith Smith) as back-up along with bass player Greg Carroll was a stroke of genius and the combo of the three shines immensely in the tropical
10:19 Little Sunflower. I'm strongly reminded of the old obscure Gabor Szabo / Louis Kabok team-ups, not that Garrett and Smith sound like Gab & Louie per se, but there's a simpatico
that's meltingly delicious and filled with tangs of all sorts of backlogged influences, including a somewhat revved Albatross (from Peter Green's old Fleetwood Mac). Favorite cut? That's it,
buster, but the entire release is both balm and mellowly galvanizing. Not too much, though, not too much, just enough to prompt the listener to get up, pour another margarita, and then sit
back down, sipping and smiling like someone who just realized it doesn't get much better than this. As Amos himself says, "That's the shit right there!". Damned if it ain't, and I'm hoping
like crazy that he favors us with a second helping in the near future.” --Mark S. Tucker for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange http://www.acousticmusic.com/fame/p08810.htm

CD Sales through:

Downloadables currently through

Plunge Records and  iTunes


Keith Smith, Freelance Guitarist, Calgary

Keith Smith Trio - guitar, bass and drums/percussion  

-primarily a jazz  trio playing orig. material, but suitable for

all sorts of events.

Amos Garrett Jazz Trio - The indelible Amos stamp on some

small group, bop-tinged jazz. -includes some vocals as only Amos can do them.

We’re available for events and concerts -contact Amos through the link, above.

I Remember Wes - Nickelodeon Folk Club Feb 6, 2010

Estaté - two guitars & bass - jazz and brazilian tunes  - perfect for

dining, cocktails, conversation at corporate or private events.

Northern Lights Quartet -two trips to Mongolia and China.

Last August we had a fun-filled few weeks with our Mongolian partners in

Canada, including dates in Red Deer, High River, Saskatoon, Victoria,

Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa. In the middle of that we recorded a CD

which will be available soon on Plunge Records, CDBaby and iTunes.

Triango - The Penny Sanborn Trio -Tango and French Musette.

Made-to-Measure - as a freelancer, I’m proud to work with the

city’s finest jazz musicians all the time. Quintets, quartets, trios and duos

are easily arranged, or I can put you in touch with other competent

and reputable bandleaders in the Calgary area.

I’m also available for solo performance and teaching.


Northern Lights Quartet - Altai Hangai  

 I’ve moved the original site ( nl4tet.ca ) to this page.


The pix and audio/video are still provided. Enjoy!


Saturday Nov 15, 2014 Okotoks, AB


Sept 17,  w/ Jim Brenan

Oct 15,   w/ Jim Brenan

Oct 22,   w/ Gareth Bane

Nov 12,   w/ Gareth Bane

Nov 19,   w/ Kodi Hutchinson

Dec 3,    w/ Gareth Bane

Dec 17,   w/ Gareth Bane

Duo Jazz Performances - Mostly Jazz Standards


Set 29- Oct 9, 2014

Beijing, China & Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Sat Feb 14, 2015 Cochrane, AB

Legacy Guitar House


May 15/09

The Keith Smith Trio

with Simon Fisk and Robin Tufts

Releases ‘Afterthought’, its first CD of

Original tunes by Keith Smith

 Inspired By Kenny - Keith Smith Trio - Afterthought CD Release at Beat Niq in Calgary, May 15/09    
Simon (Bass) provided the Sony EX1 camera, audio by me.    
Jazz at the Palliser  (1 St. & 9 Ave SW)
The Oak Room, Wednesdays 6-9 thru Dec 17, 2014

These are just my dates.

There’s something good every Wednesday!


September 19, 26

October  10, 17, 24, 29, 31

November 5, 7, 14, 21, 26,28

December 5, 10, 12



Duo Jazz Performances with Simon Fisk - Mostly Spontaneous Improv

Jazz at the Hyatt
(Centre St. & Stephen Ave SW  - In the Lobby)
Wednesdays & Fridays 5-7

At present, I expect most or all of these to be with Simon, but subbing is allowed! Could be solo or with Mark deJong or Shane Statz on sax as availability changes.

Also, the Wednesdays & Fridays not shown above might be Simon in solo or with Mark, Aaron Young, or Steve Fletcher or any perm or comb of the names mentioned -always something good!

Ralf Buschmeyer / Keith Smith Duo
Northern Lights Trio
Deb Rasmussen / Keith Smith / Kai Poscente
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